City Walker

Live Like Locals!
Spend less time trying to find where to go, and more time being there.

What we do

Hubert M. Schoemaker and Jeni Schoemaker, the founders of Schoemaker Design, are the brains behind City Walker. Our goal is to give tourists a local's guide for any given city. If you are looking for a canned experience of tourist hotspots, City Walker is not for you. If you enjoy experiencing cities like someone who lives there, then City Walker is for you!

What City Walker does is simple. It uses your location to find great restaurants, bars, coffee shops, places to see, and local events to attend, all within 15 minutes' walking distance. In fact we will only recommend places that are within walking distance. No need for planes, trains, subways, cars, Ubers, or Lyfts--just your feet.

With the tap of a button, not only can you get turn-by-turn directions and facts on hours of operation and popular events for places nearby, but City Walker offers a unique perspective with ratings from locals living in the area.

We didn't design with just mobile in mind, but rather we designed to increase mobility. We want you to have real life experiences in the city, all while walking.

Our goal is simple: live like locals.

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Whether new to a city or new to a neighborhood, get started living like locals!