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The Hunt for Good Eats: Check Out the Best Vietnamese Restaurants in Philly

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For many folks, one of the best parts of vacationing or traveling is experiencing different kinds of food in new locations. Regardless of whether you are enjoying a vacation or managing a business trip, chances are you are on the hunt for some good local eats in Philadelphia. If Vietnamese food appeals to you and you are craving some fresh, authentic cuisine, it is time to peruse this list of best Vietnamese restaurants in Philly for some great ideas. restaurants you may want to try.

Nam Phuong

Nam Phuong is one of the most popular Vietnamese joints in the Philly area. Perhaps it is because it has been a well-known establishment at 1100 Washington Avenue for the past 20 years. Or maybe, it is the result of serving mouth-watering Vietnamese dishes using only the finest and freshest ingredients. From a Papaya Salad with Jerky Beef to a subtler Sautéed Chicken with Lemongrass, there is something on the menu for everyone. The affordable prices are another appealing factor that can’t be beat.

Pho 75

Pho 75 has a convenient location at 1122 Washington Avenue and is easily one of the best new Vietnamese restaurants in Philadelphia. Regulars boast of the use of fresh, high quality ingredients and say the portion sizes are hard to beat. Chef’s favorites include delicacies like eye-round steak, beef tripe, chicken, and meatballs. You may also be interested in trying some of their unique drinks like Iced Salty Dried Plum Juice or maybe a Salty Pickled Lemon Soda. This spot is definitely worth a try and you will understand why it made the list of best Vietnamese restaurants in Philly.

Pho Saigon

A popular four-star restaurant at 1100 S Columbus Boulevard, Pho Saigon has made quite the impression on a lot of people. Of particular interest is their array of specialty drinks and desserts such as the Café Sua Jelly which is a rich milk coffee with sweet jelly. The casual comfort of the restaurant’s setting creates an ambience fit for a memorable dining experience. With favorites like Pho Tai, Nam Gan, which is pho with rare steak and well done flank and tendon, and egg noodle soup with seafood, also known as Mi Do Bien, chances are you will find something authentically appetizing when you visit.

With such incredible options as Nam Phuong, Pho 75, and Pho Saigon, you can add variety to the cuisine you enjoy during your stay in Pennsylvania. Do yourself a favor and pay a visit to one of these best Vietnamese restaurants in Philly.

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