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Best Restaurants in Philadelphia, PA

There are countless local spots for some of the best restaurants in Philly that you may not know about. If you are on the hunt for great food and find yourself in Philadelphia, fortunately for you, this list includes some of the most popular places to go and enjoy an incredible meal. Regardless of the type of food you enjoy, there is a place for you to go and eat to your heart’s content. Here are some of the best new bars and restaurants in Philadelphia you have to check out.

Eat Like a King When You Dine at Laurel

Philly holds some of the best chefs in the nation and that is why it is such an accomplishment that Laurel is one of the top spots to dine at. Chef Elmi is a professional and master at what he does. He knows how to create a French New American seven-course menu like nobody else does. Whether you want to taste the braised pork cheek with squash, or the Jersey scallop mixed with crispy chicken and ginger, you will love anything you order here. Not only that, but it is one of the most warm and welcoming spots in the area, with a bright and cheerful staff who are happy to wait on you. These are all reasons this is one of the best restaurants in Philly.

Fork Will Amaze You in Every Single Way

Fork is an incredible restaurant that never fails to amaze its customers. Even with a simplified menu over the years, it still remains one of the greatest places to enjoy a delicious meal at. The head chef, Kulp, was recently injured, yet the restaurant is still managing to produce and deliver delicious food that still keeps it as one of the top three restaurants around. You can order the chicken liver ravioli, or be taste the flavors that come from the poached oysters and smoked beets.

Enjoy a Meal at Townsend

Want to enjoy fine dining while in Philadelphia? Townsend is one of the best restaurants in Philly. This restaurant includes a grand bar, delicious sweetbreads mixed with seared branzino and olives, and polished wood around the location, giving it a classic feel for sure. This type of dining is not common in the area, but Townsend has made a name for itself by staying committed to offering an experience of perfection when it comes to eating and enjoying delicious foods.

Helm Offers an Unforgettable Experience

Helm is a great place to enjoy a meal and guarantees to leave you feeling pleased as you enjoy the spectacular food they have to offer. They have everything from wooden tables to chalkboard menus that are constantly changing, giving this restaurant an entirely different feel from the others on this list. Order the tasty mussels and potatoes, or the roast pork with cabbage. You can also splurge on dessert if you have room and get the Basque gateau.

These are some of the best restaurants in Philly to enjoy a meal that will leave you filled and satisfied. Every single one of these spots puts their own twist on their food and offers something unique that will leave you wanting more. Check out these best new bars and restaurants in Philadelphia whenever you get the chance.

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