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Best Restaurants in Washington DC

If you are a food lover and find yourself in Washington D.C., you are in luck. This list includes the best restaurants in D.C. and the best part about it is that they are all the local hot spots. This means, whether you live in D.C. or are traveling there, you can eat like the locals do and find out what all of the food hype is about. Whether you check out one of the best new cafes in the area, or eat at the best place to get dinner in D.C., you are sure to enjoy yourself. Here are the top restaurants to eat at.

Rasika Is an Incredible Place to Dine

If you are in the mood for incredible Indian cuisine, check out Rasika, located in Penn Quarter. This spot takes old, popular cuisine and transforms it into something even better. Enjoy the famous crispy spinach, or experience one of the many innovative meals the professional chefs created. As one of the best restaurants in D.C., it is an incredibly beautiful and modern spot for high-end dining. However, the price point is pretty decent considering the food and atmosphere. You may want to make a reservation to be sure you get seated though because this place stays packed.

Corduroy Is Great for Adult Dining

Corduroy is a great place for adults to dine in style. It is a refined spot that is known for its peaceful and classy atmosphere that makes for an incredible experience. The goal of this restaurant is to cut out the flashing lights and loud music some of the D.C. restaurants are known for and provide a more calming environment for customers. Whether you order the lobster Carpaccio or the red snapper bisque, pair your meal with one of the high-quality wines on the pricey wine list. There is a reason this is one of the best restaurants in D.C.

Check out Tosca in the Downtown Area

Tosca is a high-end restaurant located in downtown D.C. This amazing Italian spot features spectacular dishes like Spigola del Chile, lobster risotto and manzo. Known for its outstanding and delicious pastas and fresh fish, you can order a nice meal, or sit at the bar and enjoy a fancy date night with your significant other.

Eat Authentic Japanese Food at Sushi Taro

You can eat and enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine when you stop by Sushi Taro located in Dupont Circle. The delicious omakese meals incorporate different types of unique fish you have likely never tried before. You can either enjoy one of these unusual meals, or you can go the traditional à la carte route in the dining room. While it is on the pricier end, everyone who has dined here says it is worth the cost. Also, you can check out the occasional happy hours that take place to save some cash and still enjoy one of the best restaurants in D.C.

If you love food, you will find that each of these restaurants have something unique and delicious to offer its customers. If you will be in the area for a while, check out the best restaurants in D.C. You can drink coffee at one of the best new cafes, or get food at the best place to get dinner in D.C. Wherever you go, you are sure to enjoy amazing cuisine and unique atmospheres.

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