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A Closer Look at Some of the Most Appetizing Italian Restaurants in Washington DC

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Whether you are in town to celebrate the wedding of a loved one, on a quick weekend getaway, or experiencing Washington DC for the first time on a business trip, chances are you are looking forward to trying some good food. How does a creamy alfredo pasta sound, or maybe a fresh ricotta lasagna topped with green basil? If you are looking for the best Italian food in DC, here are some suggestions of restaurants you may want to try.

Filomena Ristorante

The Filomena Ristorante will take you back in history to Old Italy with its antique displays and rustic charm. Located in a basement on 1063 Wisconsin Avenue, this popular spot has been voted the best place to get Italian in DC by many satisfied customers. In addition to delicious pizzas and fine wines, Filomena Ristorante only serves homemade pasta. Whether you decide to try the oven baked manicotti or the meaty Gnocchi Della Mamma, you are in for a memorable treat and some of the best Italian food in DC.

II Canale

The II Canale is one of the best new Italian restaurants in all of Washington DC and is conveniently located on 1065 31st Street. With breathtaking, rooftop views of the serene C&O Canal, you can enjoy exquisite cuisine from Southern Italy. Best known for their wood-fired pizzas, you will find delectable pies including Margherita, Marinara, and Diavola among others. If you are looking for a freshly prepared, thin crust pizza topped with savory herbs, this is the place for you.


Fiola is an upscale restaurant located on 601 Pennsylvania Avenue where you will find more of the best Italian food in DC. While you can find traditional classics on their menu like Pappardelle and their popular Fiola Veal Meatballs, there are also incredible entrees such as their Fiola Maine Lobster Ravioli. Their mouth-watering Grapefruit Sorbetto is a dessert you will not soon forget. With a formal dress code, outdoor seating, a full bar, and reservations, this is a prime destination for a suave dinner date.

Are you looking for Old Italy charm and a rustic atmosphere? Did you want to dine outdoors and enjoy the scenic outdoor views? Or maybe, you are seeking a formal dinner destination with a full bar. Whatever you choose, these Italian restaurants are some excellent options to consider. Do yourself a favor and try Filomena Ristorante, II Canale, or Fiola for a taste of the best Italian food in DC

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