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Enjoy an Incredible Drink at One of the Best Restaurants and Bars in Philly

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Best Bars in Philadelphia, PA

Who doesn’t like to find a good bar to sit and enjoy a drink or two? If you are in the Philadelphia area, you are in luck because there is a long list of incredible local spots to enjoy a nice craft beer or a glass of wine. This article put together some of the best restaurants and bars in Philly, so you know exactly where to go when you are stopping by. You will never feel uncertain about where to grab a drink because the best new bars and restaurants in Philadelphia give you more than enough options to select from.

The Assembly Rooftop Lounge Is a Local Hot Spot

While incredible drinks are great and definitely enough to provide for a good time, you can make that experience even better by adding on an amazing view. The Assembly Rooftop Lounge is the perfect combination of delicious cocktails and a view of the city’s skyline. This lounge is open seven days a week, so no matter what day you find yourself in Philly, you can stop by and check it out. It was named one of the best restaurants and bars in Philly and it lives up to that standard.

Enjoy a Drink at Bok Bar

Bok Bar is a pop-up rooftop bar that offers you a wide variety of beer, wine and food, as well as a beautiful and stunning view of the skyline in Philadelphia. You can dine on the local Filipino and Vietnamese food while enjoying a fancy drink and a stunning view of the city. Although it is typically a 21 and over bar, between two and six on Sundays, children and pets can enjoy it as well.

SkyGarten Is One of the Best Spots

If you want to enjoy great food and drinks, SkyGarten is another amazing rooftop bar. What makes this one special? It is known to be the tallest rooftop spot to hangout in the city. It is a collaboration of the German Beer hall Brauhaus Schmitz and the buffet location SkyBrunch. It is an incredible 51 stories tall, offering stunning views you really cannot find anywhere else. This is, by far, one of the best restaurants and bars in Philly.

Go to the XIX Nineteen

The XIX Nineteen is a great American brasserie and also offers a view you will not believe. Just be sure to bring your camera, so you can capture and remember the gorgeous moment. It is a restaurant, a lounge and a bar, all in one. It is found on floor 19 of the Hyatt at the Bellevue and the lovely atmosphere definitely blends with the incredible American menu offered.

There are so many places to wine and dine at if you are looking for a good bar or lounge in Philadelphia. This list includes some of the most famous and best restaurants and bars in Philly. If you are a tourist passing through, or a newcomer to the area, be sure to hit up the best new bars and restaurants in Philadelphia and enjoy all of the great drinks they have to offer.

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