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Best Bars in Washington DC

Whether you are just visiting Washington D.C., or you are a faithful resident, there are probably countless bars you have yet to try. This is likely true due to the endless amount of places available to get drinks in DC. In this article, you will find a list of some of the best bars in D.C. Whether you are vacationing, passing through, or you live there, you will want to know the best place to get drinks in D.C., so you can truly enjoy your experience there. Here are some of the best new bars and old ones that have made names for themselves.

Penn Social Is an Incredible Social Spot

Penn Social is basically a huge playground for those over 21. It is a venue that contains three different bars on both the first and second floor. With more than 30 draft beers to choose from, this is one of the best bars in D.C. for both beer lovers and liquor lovers alike. What makes this spot unique is that it is filled with different forms of entertainment, so you can drink and socialize in a fun and exciting way. Play a game of skee ball, foosball, an old school arcade game, or one of the many board games available. You can chill out and watch your favorite sports game on the huge projector screen, or you can check it out on a night when they have open mic or a trivia battle.

Marvin Is Second on the List

This fun-filled bar was named after Marvin Gaye, a native of D.C. This hot spot includes a lounge and a stunning rooftop bar that is perfect for hanging out and enjoying the gorgeous view, making it one of the best bars in D.C. If you love soul music, you will want to check out this bar every Monday night when the expert DJs come out and play the classics the bar is known for. You can select from over 30 blondes and Belgian ales at the bar and no worries if it is wintertime. With the heating stations, this bar stays packed all year long. The menu is far from typical bar food, including options like steak frites and the famous chicken and Belgian waffles.

Smith Commons Is a Hot Bar in D.C.

Another great local spot on the list of best bars in D.C. is the Smith Commons. The first floor in this place includes an incredible main dining room and a bar. Once you get your fill on the first level, walk up the stairs and check out the full bars and fitted decks on the second floor that are perfect for having a few drinks and hanging with friends. The outdoor area has amazing views of the city and nicely overlooks H Street. If you want to hang with the locals and fit in, this is the place to be.

When it comes to best bars in D.C., your options are endless. Each of these spots could be considered the best place to get drinks in D.C. Whether you want to explore an older bar, or experience one of the best new bars, any of the spots above are sure to provide a good time.

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